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Wiki is a Community Portal that allows users to freely create and edit Web page content using any Web browser.

The distinguishing features of a Wiki is that they typically allow (unless protected) all users to edit any page, with full freedom to edit, change and delete the work of previous authors.

In our investigations we have found that not all Wiki's have the same functions. Some are password protects with features such as editing, templates, linking pages and websites, e-mail notificiations and discussion pages while others are simply unprotected webpages with an edit function where you can create a new page or edit a current page.

In this discussion we are using Wikipedia as our archetype.

The First Steps

The first step to creating your own page in Wikipedia is to first obtain a login and password. User Login.

Once you have obtained your login and password, login and you are ready to create a page.

To start the article, type in the Edit Box and when finished click on Save. The page is now visible and can be edited by other users.

It really is that simple.


Wikipedia has a test area called a Sandbox.

A sandbox is a practice or test area, where you as a new Wiki user, can experiment and develop your skills.

The Sandbox is a temporary area and you can play and practice editing.



Editing is the most basis feature of a Wiki.

All Wiki Pages have a Edit Button. Edit the page and add a comment or change the text and Save. You will see the update immediately.

Most Wiki pages store the history of what edit have occurred.


The Go Button.

The function of the go button is to display an article directly, instead of first having to select it from the search result page. In other words, it allows a user to quickly navigate from page to page without following links.

e.g. Enter the Word Mist and click on Go.

The search takes you directly to and displays the document Mist.

The Search Button.

Wikipedia's default search mode will turn up results with any of the words in your query.

The search results are listed out and you can select the document.

For more onSearch.

For more information go toWikipedia Help


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